a sunny saturday playlist

photo (2)
my finest handiwork as kept meticulously intact by my high school BFF for the last 21 years

on beautiful, sunny new england days, i could be found squirreled away in my bedroom with the shades drawn low. so low that you couldn’t tell if it were day or night.  and while the rest of humanity busied themselves with healthier hobbies, i sat on my bed for hours, obsessively manipulating piles of cassette tapes into pure art.  and really, the next best thing to getting the perfect combination of songs together was the making of the cover art.

for my run tonight (a steady trot to brooklyn heights, and then hill repeats by the bridge), i’ve made this playlist, which you can check out.  it’s an indulgent cocktail of my favorite hip hop, lo-fi and indie music.

my taste in music baffles many.  it even baffles future-me, it turns out.  i’ll put together the ACTUAL playlist i made 21 years ago (which, foolishly, was handwritten on gold foil).

2 thoughts on “a sunny saturday playlist

  1. That Psychedelic Furs track takes me right back to my secondary school and my first GF who introduced me to Japan, Bauhaus and the like. I also remember the Neneh Cherry tune was big at the time but what the heck did a buffalo stance look like?

    1. hey max! i found out via the urban dictionary that the buffalo stance is this:

      To stand with your arms tightly crossed looking over to side at somebody. This comes from the pose struck by Bruce Smith of the Buffalo Bills in the late 1980’s

      if this is true, i’m rocking the stance almost every day. ;)

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