people clothes

yesterday’s run-commute to work ended up being my “hard run” of the week.  on a caffeinated whim, i decided to take the train to the entrance of the brooklyn bridge and then run over it into manhattan.  i hoofed it over the bridge, made good time on my splits, and generally felt awesome. after crossing the bottom of the island, i headed north on the riverside path that runs along the west side highway.

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i had taken my newly minted running back pack along with me, but didn’t think too much about what i’d shoved in there in terms of work clothes to change into.  later in the day, after using the office showers, i noticed that i’d packed everything but a pair of “people shoes” into my pack which made for a very awkward looking outfit.  and by “people shoes,” i mean shoes that aren’t running shoes. now i’m not saying runners aren’t people. i’m saying that there’s a difference between running shoes which take you somewhere fast, and shoes that are your everyday walking-around shoes.  i think of it in terms of superman.  as your everyday pedestrian, he’s clark kent. after a quick change, he’s superman wearing his superhero outfit, doing superhero-y things because he’s wearing his special outfit.  mix up the two, and you have one weird looking dude.

up until i started running last year, i hadn’t worn a pair of running shoes in over 23 years–my non-athleticism was actually old enough to vote and drink.  and up until then, i wore people clothes pretty much exclusively.  nowadays i wear running clothes AND people clothes, but never at the same time.  like some folks who cannot wear black and brown together, i must keep my running clothes and people clothes separate.

what may be the cause of the issue at hand is that i managed to maintain and keep the style sensibilities i attained in the 90s through to today.  i currently own a few pairs of doc martens, don mostly black, and keep it fairly simple and utilitarian.  i have to say though, that i’m particularly proud to report that i managed to make it through the noughties without purchasing a pair of gap khakis or velour garments emblazoned with designer logos.

after i realized that running was going to be my main jam, one of the first things i fretted over was what i was going to wear.  true to my ways, i ended up buying black running shoes, black sports bras, black running tights, and repurposed some of my old black tank tops.  i didn’t want to wear neon colors, nike swooshes, or anything too whacky or fussy.  when i ran my first 5k last november, my boyfriend todd and my son nolan cheered me on and took a short a video of me crossing the finish line.  i looked like a freaking ninja.

nico is demonstrating utter restraint from shedding her fur all over my pile of black running gear.
nico is demonstrating utter restraint from shedding her fur all over my pile of black running gear.

after leaving work for the day, i spent the entire train ride home feeling pretty foolish about feeling pretty foolish about not wearing people shoes with my people clothes. shame aside, i was relieved to be home, so i could walk around barefoot, order some mexican food, and tell you all about it.

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  1. tamara! you are such a gifted writer! i LOVE reading about your running and life adventures! keep ’em coming! <3

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