bridges & burgers

yesterday, after doing a killer upper-body workout at the office, i hightailed it home to prepare for an evening run across two bridges–the brooklyn bridge and the manhattan bridge.  todd, fairly new to running (and kicking ass at it), was especially excited about running over them for the first time. i’ve run the brooklyn bridge several times, but never the manhattan, which made me a little nervous, as all new routes do before i actually run them.  just before sunset, we set off for the foot of the bridge, my running pack stuffed with the usual essentials (a bottle of water, metro card, money, and keys).

once at the train station, on our way to the foot of the bridge, i realized we were both dressed in grey and black and looked like a checkerboard.


after a quick pitstop at a fast food joint too busy to notice my non-customer self sneaking into their restroom, we set off down adams street to the bridge!  also, why is it that no matter how prepared i try to be, i ALWAYS have to pee really badly the moment i’m about to start running?   that’s me up there, by the way, looking like a ninja turtle, hoping that the great wall of tourists move to the side so i don’t get knocked out by a cyclist (more on those guys later).

todd and i managed to run our fastest mile coming off of the bridge, thanks to momentum, gravity, and legs that were sufficiently warmed up.  we took a quick water break, and then trotted off the bridge path with me leading the way, this time toward the manhattan bridge. we zig zagged around chinatown which was part of the plan, but after we ran down a small side street that reeked of the fish markets’ ramshackle tables lining the sidewalk, we realized we’d gone rogue from our originally planned route.

we finally made it onto the manhattan bridge after being on the receiving end of polite shrugs from the neighborhood folk that we asked for directions to the entrance.  notice the ever-so-helpful cycling lane marking on the path up there?notice that there are NO PEOPLE?  this is because i led us onto the wrong side of the bridge.  oops.  rookie mistake!  my sincere apologies to the bell-dinging, hollering cyclists who passed us as we hoofed it across the bridge.

i’m kind of glad that we ran on the wrong side.  otherwise we’d have never seen this awesome wall of graffiti at the end of the path, arched like a ballerina’s arm pointing out onto the streets of brooklyn.  we promise to run on the correct side next time!

lookit!  we did this.  every weekday, by train, i cross the manhattan bridge to get to work,so it was pretty rad to actually run over it.  running over the bridge helped me get a sense of the space and feel whats it’s like to move over it on my own steam. i was feeling strong at the halfway point, so i decided do some fartlek intervals as the Q train rumbled past.  yup, super fun!  i’ll admit that my playlist got me through the last mile when i wanted to stop because of my left knee.  i was listening (and run-dancing) to some choice songs, some of which would embarrass todd (and probably you as well) if i told you what they were.

this is our post run meal at shake shack.  i danced a sweaty jig when i peeked in and saw that there were only THREE people in line to order.  i was so stoked that i actually took a photo of the line. i might have perplexed those few customers while i snapped what must be a super boring photo in their general direction.  if you’ve been to nyc and have seen how long the lines are at shake shack, you’ll know why i was excited (if you don’t, take a look at this article). we each ordered ourselves a ‘shroom burger which was so delicious that it solidified this route as one of our official go-to running routines. todd said that if he’d known that a shake shack burger was at the end of this run, he’d have pushed us to complete 4 miles instead of stopping at 3.83.

so yeah.  bridges and burgers.  we’ll be back again soon!

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