mea culpa

saturday’s short run ended up becoming a fantastic speed workout, which is good for solo runs, but not for runs you originally planned to be doing alongside your partner.  i’d like to apologize to both todd and his knees for being THAT running partner yesterday.

to preface, i love running with todd.  when we’re out and about together, it feels like we’re on an adventure, and since we’re both approaching forty, we have the added bonus of bonding over the little aches and pains accumulated from these excursions.

to back it up a little, prior to heading out on our saturday run, i switched up my usual shoes to my neglected pair of new balance minimus running shoes.  i hadn’t worn them since last fall because they were a little too minimal for me at the time.  i was particularly excited to go back to them after all of the training i’d done over the winter and spring to better condition my legs.  when we set off, i was feeling the perfect trifecta of adequate hydration, light legs, and pent up energy to burn.

todd and i often chug along side by side if there’s enough room on the sidewalk, or go single file when there are people to slip around.  sometimes he’s in front, sometimes i’m in front.  we haven’t set up any real rules in terms of how we do these runs, but perhaps we’ll now need to make up a few new ones thanks to yesterday’s overzealousness.

half way through the first mile, one of my favorite alabama shakes songs started playing, so i picked up the pace and pushed ahead of todd. the song combined with my random intermittent inclination to run super fast had me pounding down on the sidewalk to run my fastest mile of the week, effectively leaving todd behind without warning.

while we waited at the intersection for the light to change, i realized that i’d committed quite the faux pas and promised myself that i would try to run at a collaborative pace, but lo, i ended up running ahead of todd again (off and on) during the second mile. instead of running with him, i yanked him along with my unplanned speed work.

todd kept up with me during the entire workout, but once we ended our run, he looked like i’d dragged him though a hedge backwards.  while he was good humored, i felt pretty lame for being such a hot-shot.  after stretching by a random stoop on a side street, we walked around the corner to our favorite banh mi joint for dinner.   in between bites of my sandwich, i apologized for my mild transgressions.  again, todd was very sweet, even though his knees hollered in protest.  feeling pretty wiped out from the run and from the banh mis making themselves comfy in our stomachs, we walked the entire way back home, side by side.

ironically, i just looked up the lyrics to the alabama shakes song that i was listening to during the run, and they include the following:

“Yeah! You got to wait!”
I don’t wanna wait!
But I don’t wanna wait!
No, I don’t wanna wait!
You got to hold on…

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