plans for july and beyond

after reading this post by my awesome work colleague theodora, of preppy runner, i am inspired to list all of the things i am looking forward to in the coming weeks.

the gym hasn’t seen me since the temperatures rose above 60, but i’m still attending spin classes.  this week, i’m heading to cyc new york to attend a class lead by keoni hudoba, the founder of the cyc method.  my company interviewed him for an article we published a few months ago.  since that time, i made the rounds, taking a class with almost all of the studio’s instructors, circling back to keoni.  check out his profile page–love his story.   if you’re in nyc, austin, or madison, enjoy taking spin classes, and you haven’t yet tried cyc, click my referral link and book a class.  you’ll be glad you did.

this friday, i’m waving bye-bye to sweltering brooklyn to spend a week in a tiny little cottage, in a tiny little town in upstate new york. i’m super stoked to spend quality time with todd and my old high school best friend who lives nearby.  we’ll also have the added company of two dogs–maxx and nico.  maxx is todd’s friend’s dog–the friend who is lending us the cottage in exchange for dog-sitting.  nico and maxx’s dynamic is as lackluster as the facetime photo indicates, but at least they don’t fight!  be prepared for some picture-heavy posts while i’m up there.

before heading on back to nyc, i’m going to attend my company’s retreat at a beautiful resort in the rolling hills of new jersey.  i heard there will be some outdoors-y competitive-y group-type sporting events, which makes me a little nervous, but my co-workers are good people–there’s no need to suffer through that old childish fear of being picked last for the team.  we’re a fitness company made up of athletic individuals who each excel at different sports.  just as how, in the hunger games, a tribute’s particular talent can keep them in the game, perhaps i’ll survive on my talent for running and perspiring profusely.  seriously. i’m soaked ten minutes into any kind of sport i do (i get soaked just walking to the train).  no problem, though. sweating makes me look serious business which i like.

looks like a stock photo, right? i took this last year right before i ran over the bridge.

the next big thing i’m looking forward to is our annual trip to the bay area in august.  solid plans have yet to come into focus, but i know the trip is nigh, and soon enough i’ll be jotting down things to do and pasting links into the notes app on my smart phone.  don’t trust me to actually write any of this down on paper, though.  i can’t tell you how many cheapo day-planners and pricey moleskines i’ve bought over the years, all of which suffered serious desuetude, but i digress…

as for some short-term plans, i’m excited for another sunset run, which will end with a delicious meal.  can you guess what it could be?  it’s a difficult one, but i’ll give you a clue.  it’s a dish that starts with the word “macaroni” and ends with “cheese.”

2 thoughts on “plans for july and beyond

    1. true! i remember riding through nyc on a bike in my 20s and felt pretty invincible. but then i turned 30 and the fear took over! i’m sure i’ll feel that confidence creep back in once i’m up on a bike again, though. i have been thinking about getting a road bike…hmmm…

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