upstate of mind

photo (8)on friday evening, we arrived upstate!  after doing a week’s worth of grocery shopping and after unpacking the car, we reunited the dogs.

being a city dog, nico was psyched to roam off-leash.  BOOM!

the next morning, while drinking coffee, todd and i mapped out a four mile running route over in the beautiful riverside town of beacon. for the first half, there is a flat, clay covered path.  the second half of the route includes a one mile loop of a trail covered with roots, rocks, and mud.

while i love running the streets of nyc, i really enjoy the challenge that trail running provides. unfortunately, as a rookie, i accidentally wore my minimus shoes, but i was too stoked to be running in the woods to worry about being under-equipped. without the added support of trail running shoes, i rolled my ankle against a tree root and put my foot down on a few pointy rocks, but i ran the rest of the route just fine.  the good news is that my ankle is okay.

photo (9)see?

after stretching by a small boat launch, we hopped back in the car and drove up the hill to eat our weight in mexican food.

photo 2 (1)back at the cottage, we took some time to regroup and shower up before abby, my old high school BFF arrived.  she lives just an hour’s drive away.

photo 3along with her awesome self, abby brought a bottle of bulleit rye.  we mixed some drinks and sat down on the front steps of the cottage, watching the sun move down behind the tree in the front yard.

abby and i have known each other for over 20 years, but she and todd have only hung out once before.  despite the newness of our dynamic, all three of us got along well.  we’re all the same age and share the same cultural references.  we can all recall where we were when we first heard about kurt cobain’s suicide. we all know what it was like growing up pre-internet.  we all read and/or made zines. we remember popping in cassette tapes, crowd surfing, and moshing at shows.

photo (10)

later, fueled by alcohol and thoughts of the past, abby and i took turns picking out songs to dance to by primus, helmet, and fugazi–bands we used to listen to as teenagers in the 90s. this kind of dancing involves (but is not limited to) a lot of punching downward, and kicking the air both in front of you and behind you.  this is actually a good workout, people.  you get sweaty and out of breath after just one song.

not long after these photos were taken, we settled in, made dinner, and watched the cult-classic movie dazed & confused. a little after midnight, feeling tired from the day’s happenings, i suggested we pull the plug on the evening.  in agreement, we all ambled off to our respective beds to sleep off the nostalgia.

this closes out my first upstate update.  there will be more adventures, but for now, i leave you with this awesome photo of todd and i as slightly despondent smoking teenagers in the early 90s.  even though we grew up in different places, we both agree that we grew up during a very special decade.  i wouldn’t change a thing.  except for the choker.  maybe.


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