after having spent the week upstate and in rural new jersey i returned to the city on monday morning feeling a little out of step.

photo (10)

although i haven’t run since last saturday’s trail run, i have been staying fairly active.

on monday i struggled through an intense workout that involved lifting medicine balls and doing a billion squats with my colleagues in the office gym.  while everyone else seemed to perspire in a normal fashion, i was a sputtering, sweaty mess. since then, i’ve been kick-stumbling down the stairs like C3PO.

i took a break from working out on tuesday.  because of this, i was very productive at work, but i barely remember what i did outside of that. it really must be the dog days of summer.

photo 1 (5)

earlier in the week, i was invited by the fierce and amazing ary nunez to ride at peloton cycle on wednesday for a recording of her peloton power live broadcast.

what i really love about peloton cycle is that their flywheel bikes are outfitted with a touch screen panel that allows you to monitor your cadence, resistance, and leaderboard.  i love being able to see what i’m doing and track my progress online. thanks, again ary!  see you next time.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 8.50.44 PMtoday i ended up walking a few brisk miles through the city with one of my friends from work.  we stopped in to a company party to grab a drink and nosh on some highly addictive snacks.  on our respective ways home, we decided to wander up the highline.  we burned off the chips, dip and ice cream while dodging tourists on the way up the elevated pathway.

photo 3 (2)

although i’ve been busy, i’ve been feeling…off.  whenever i come home to our empty apartment it’s as though someone took my life and pressed both the pause and the mute button at the same time. with nolan already gone for summer, and with todd remaining upstate with the dogs this week, i’m really feeling their absences.

on a typical day, when we’re all home, our apartment is teeming with life. you can find us moving through the day with records playing on the stereo, nico barking, a teenager coming and going, and something cooking in the kitchen.  this week, the only activity that surrounded me was the lackluster kind that i could barely muster up the energy for. i tell myself that i should enjoy this time alone, but i always come back to the fact that i prefer to spend my days with the ones i love. the volume turned all the way up.

3 thoughts on “muted

  1. aw. Being single and living alone, I totally get that. Which is why I don’t spend a ton of time at home…good thing you work with such fab people :)

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