playlist: central park loop

3.3 miles down, 28 days to go.

later this afternoon, i’m going to head over to run the central park loop, which should slap 6.1 miles on top of thursday’s mileage.

i’ve run the loop in its entirety twice, but the third time i was out there (on national running day), i petered out and shortened it to four miles.  the midday heat and humidity immediately sapped the energy from me just two miles in.  having been accustomed to the cushy treadmills at the gym during the winter months, my shins felt like shattered glass with each step i took.  that’s what i get for upping my mileage on pavement without using the 10% rule.  this time around, i’ll take it easy, racking up the miles as i move my way through the park.

going on these kinds of runs require a little bit of preparation on my part, but mostly in the playlist department.  over a few cups of coffee this morning, i mashed these songs together for today’s run.  feel free to follow the playlist below and use it on your next excursion. let me know if you have any tracks that you can recommend.  i’m all ears.


edited to add: my settings were still set to give me the forecast upstate (which called for great weather), so it turns out i’m being rained out of running central park today. i heard the rain tapping on my AC unit as i pulled my running backpack on to walk out the door.  there’s supposed to be scattered thunderstorms by the time i get to central park.  how disappointing.  guess i’m going to have to stay local and run the 6.1 miles through the drizzle in my hood instead.  central park will have to wait until next week after work!

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