push it

21.57 miles down.  23 days to go.

tuesday’s mid-day run had me beating a few PRs for the 5K distance (26.01) and the mile (7:55). as with most of my runs, i usually feel crappy during the first mile (and then feel better by the second).  with this in mind, i was pleasantly surprised at how good i felt the moment i scrambled out the door. i darted gleefully past the glossy galleries on 26th street, snaked my around an obstacle course of delivery trucks, and skipped nimbly over uncurbed dog doo.  it felt like i was running with completely different legs.  fast legs. i hotfooted it across the west side highway, ran down past the chelsea piers and back up again to finish up four miles.  i made it back to the office a breathless, happy mess.

with tuesday’s PR crushing run behind me, i headed to peloton cycle on wednesday for a lunch-time spin class. while i usually don’t track my cadence or output with my rides, i think i pushed it a bit further this week because i had a particularly knee-wobbling struggle back up to the office.

toward the end of the afternoon, i opted to move my desk to sit closer to my team.  i ended up in a better spot, conveniently located next to the office gym. stretching and/or weight lifting at any given moment throughout the day? yes, please!

before taking off for the day, in keeping with my 100 miles in 30 days plan, i mapped out a slow and steady run-commute home.  the commute pretty much covered the same ground as tuesday’s run, but instead i planned to keep run-forrest-running down the highway and then grab a train for the rest of the journey home.

photo (12)

my “slow and steady” run ended up being a faster run than i planned. nowadays it’s hard for me to run at what i consider an easy pace.  i have to learn how to do this if i want to be able to run longer distances without prematurely falling apart.

photo 2 (5)

even though i hauled ass, i was able to stop myself and snap a photo of the glimmering hudson river before sunset.

after i finished my run, i made the mistake of immediately hopping on a train without cooling off. i couldn’t stop sweating!  every once in a while, i would briefly lock eyes with one of my fellow commuters looking mildly concerned for me. or scared of me.  or both.

photo 3 (3)

later (like a total lunatic), i sprinted the half-mile home from the train station.

today’s a new day.  only 3.3 miles on the docket.  friday, i run the central park loop.

also, since this song was probably running through your head while reading this, here you go:


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