gots to boogie

36.53 miles down.  19 days to go.

we had a house guest over the weekend!  maxx, the dog made his way from the country down to brooklyn on friday for a few fun-filled nights.  we took him out on the town, let him smell all the smells, pee on fire hydrants, and bark at strangers. what a tourist!  i’ve been joking to todd about how maxx is going to go back upstate and dog-blog about his adventures in the big city. hopefully he’ll link to my blog. photo 1 (7) in addition to hanging out with these two clowns, todd and i ran together a few times, racking up the mileage for my 100 miles challenge.  on friday night, we planned on pacing ourselves for an easy run, but…nah.  when we reached the brooklyn bridge promenade, we looked and felt a little beat up.  that’s ok though.  it was really nice to see todd running that fast, and at a clip. he remained just two paces ahead of me for the most part, looking strong throughout.  you’d never guess that he started running three months ago! photo (13) the payoff for running over to the promenade is the sweeping view of lower manhattan.  after i got up on the wall to have this photo taken, a child whined to his mom about wanting to get up there, too.  sorry, but this grown-up can climb all over stuff and you can’t.  them’s the breaks, kid! after wrapping it up at the promenade, we took the train back to our neighborhood, dialed up some mexican food, elevated our legs, and watched this fantastic show.  trust.  you’ll enjoying watching felicity with pin-straight hair kick ass as a KGB agent.

right before saturday’s run, i promised todd that we’d take it easy.  for reals.  as with the past few runs, my calves burned for the first mile. by the time we’d put 3 miles behind us, i was feeling chipper enough to sprint the last block to our favorite vegetarian banh mi joint in park slope.  while waiting for our order, we opened up our running apps and took a look at our splits.  we high five-d each other over running an actual easy run, and then proceeded to stuff our faces with mouth burning goodness. photo 1 (8)his-n-hers sriracha bottles.

on sunday morning, i added a few new songs to my playlist, so i was really stoked to listen to them while trotting around the neighborhood.  after wrapping up a few things for work, i laced up and headed outside.  while my mind was into the run, my legs were decidedly not.  they were like, SERIOUSLY, WOMAN?  

so…today’s a rest day. kind of.  i just had to jump at the chance to sign up for an 80’s ride at peloton cycle tonight at 6:30pm.  can’t wait!


Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 8.05.59 PM as for what’s coming up over the next few days?  more miles.  gotta keep up with the miles!  i’m especially excited for this coming weekend’s trip to the coast of maine.  i have family there, and my fourteen-year old son, Nolan has been spending his summer alternating between guitar lessons and boogie boarding in the atlantic ocean. he wants to start running, so i’m going to take him on a few short jaunts with me to get him started. then for my long runs, i’m going to plan it so that i’m running during low tide so i can run on the packed beach sand.  my kvetching legs will thank me for it.

that’s about it for now.

now is the time we hustle on through the week, so here’s a track from my running playlist that’s been keeping me going during my 100 miles challenge:

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