44.55 miles down.  17 days to go.

woah!  i’m almost half way through the 100 miles in 30 days challenge.  prior to starting the challenge, my monthly averages hovered around 50 miles, so pushing it up to 100 miles is a major increase.  while i’ve been generally gung-ho about it, my body feels like it’s about to stage an epic mutiny.  because of this, my last two runs had me feeling a little disconnected from my body. we all know that the first mile is a lie, right?  my legs are now taking up to two miles to realize what they’re supposed to be doing.

with my metabolism newly fired up, my eating habits are out of whack.  i’m hungry at all times, under any circumstances.  i’m hungry for the wrong things, and those wrong things taste so good.  at like, midnight.  much tummy troubles.  very ouch.  i haven’t felt this physically challenged since i was pregnant with my son!

can i have a little whine with my cheese?  if there’s cheese, then the answer is probably yes.

photo 5

last night’s run was the long run of the week at 6 miles. knowing how my legs have been misbehaving, i paced myself so that i could make it through without rage-quitting in the middle of my planned route.  the splits were all over the place because i plodded down the west side highway taking my sweet-ass time, enjoying the view.  after coming off of the brooklyn bridge, i was nearly flattened by a frozen yogurt food truck that ran a red light. shaken, i managed to continue on to run the fastest split of my commute home.  there’s nothing like a sudden existential threat to get you moving along a little quicker!  also, yelling “WHAT THE FUCK?!?” will do it, too.

i spent last night buzz-sawing around the bed in search for a comfortable position to lock myself into so that i could fall asleep.  while my compression sleeves held up their end of the deal, my legs did their very best to remind me that i’d pounded 6 miles out of them just a few hours earlier.

screw you, legs!

well, not really.  it’s just that we have to work something else out so that we can get along for the remainder of this 30 day challenge.  i’ll do whatever it takes.

photo 3 (2)

after eking out 8 hours of sleep, i made it to work feeling mildly refreshed.  in an effort to make-good on my crappy food intake, i rustled up a healthy breakfast of blueberries, raspberries, siggis vanilla yogurt and granola.  i’m not a huge breakfast eater.  i prefer downing two cups of coffee over stuffing my maw with food in the morning, so i’ve got to make some changes if i want to fuel up efficiently for the next 50+ miles i have left to run.

it’s all worth the effort, because the next best side effect from eating well happens to be written all over the wall i run past every time i run-commute home:

photo 4 (1)

there you have it.  the not-so-secret key to running like an absolute champ on any given day.

i’ll be closing out the successful first half of my 100 miles challenge with this amazing album from 1994.  enjoy!


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