can we talk?

let’s talk about rain.

i hate it when it rains in nyc.  everything that is already difficult to do in the city is made even more difficult when it rains.  getting around sucks (both by foot and by train), and everything smells funkier than they already smell.

using an umbrella while walking the sidewalks of nyc is almost always a guaranteed failure of negotiation.  you WILL accidentally hit another person’s umbrella with yours and get splattered with rain water.  your umbrella WILL turn inside-out when the wind suddenly changes direction, and you WILL think you look like an idiot when it happens (and be right about it).

also, if you styled your hair in any way before leaving the apartment, it WILL end up hanging down the sides of your head by the time you get to work.  it WILL appear as though you did absolutely nothing to it.

run-stumbling down the soggy streets of manhattan seemed like a crazy pursuit, so i headed to the gym after work last night instead. the union square equinox has several woodway treadmills that have always jibed well with my fussy legs–which was perfect since my legs needed a break from the pounding they’ve been doing on the pavement.  once there, i hopped on one of the treadmills, and put four miles behind me. after finishing, i felt so good that i switched it back on and did hill repeats for a little under a mile.  not bad.

after staggering off the machine, i realized that my hair was all over the place and matted with sweat.  turns out that i let the rainy weather place me in such abject surrender to a “bad hair day” that i didn’t even care to remember put it up (like i always do) before i started my run.

photo 2 (10)

 ironically, my hair looks way better here than it did during the day.

photo 1 (12)

the commute heading back home was less hellish than that morning’s commute to work.  i was psyched to give zero fucks about getting soaked since i was coming home from working out.  plus, i felt pretty awesome in general.  those four miles were pain-free!

photo 3 (9)

 the drizzle let up just as i started walking home from my train stop. the sun also managed to make a quick cameo appearance between two storm clouds, dazzling myself and two other passersby into snapping photos of it.  with my umbrella tucked firmly under my arm, i walked the rest of the way home, smiling.

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