looking ahead, kind of

while january is the beginning of the calendar year, i consider labor day weekend an unofficial kick-off to a brand new year.  i’m largely absorbing this year’s “new year” though my family since next week nolan starts his first day of high school, and todd begins a new semester of teaching.  i’m twitchy with anticipation!  after trudging through a particularly swampy summer, i’m looking forward to chilly weather, sweaters, and apple picking.  this is all very premature, of course.  nyc takes longer to transition into autumn weather than it does where i was raised up north.  getting all psyched up like this right now is like immediately biting into a sizzling slice of cheese pizza.  shit needs to cool down first!

photo 2 (6)
i’m already nostalgic about last week

northern california provided the perfect kind of weather for running last week–70 degrees, sunny, and almost no humidity.  i’m missing it already, but i can be patient.  nyc will dry off and cool down soon.

after i finished the 100 miles challenge last friday, i took a few days to do absolutely nothing.  i kept busy with other things, but it felt weird to not run.  i was happy to start back up on tuesday with a few core workouts, a few short jaunts around the neighborhood with todd, and a fun weekday afternoon run down the west side highway with the lovely theodora.

i have a few things i’d like to accomplish during the month of september–like strengthening my core/upper body and reading the three books i’ve been meaning to read over the summer (but didn’t).  i have a few fitness trainer/friends that can help me devise a plan for september.  i don’t want to over complicate it, so once i have a plan or schedule, i’ll just get right to it.  as for reading, i have to finish douglas coupland’s girlfriend in a coma.  for those who are unfamiliar with coupland, he’s the guy who wrote generation x: tales for an accelerated culture, and popularized terms such as mcjob and generation x.

because the family has been all over the place since july, we decided to stay in the city for the long holiday weekend.  i have work to do, but i’ve been hanging around the hood and relaxing. yesterday, todd and i went to williamsburg to nosh at one of our favorite vegan spots, champs. today was a brunchy day with friends, no running, and sweltering in the 80% humidity.

tomorrow, i hope to run a few miles in between the predicted scattered thunderstorms.  this time i’ll ditch my stale spotify playlist and listen to podcasts by the moth.  i love listening to their stories. the last time i listened to the moth while running, i was on a treadmill at the gym.  while listening to particularly funny piece, i blurted out a chuckle and startled the woman who was running next to me.  oops.

photo (21)
look! i’m wearing non-running clothes kind of!

this coming week, i plan on going through my entire wardrobe.  the running clothes will take a back seat while i push my sweaters, dresses and jeans around in a pile.  since i work for a fitness company, i can pretty much wear my comfy running/workout clothes every day. because of this, it seems that i’ve forgotten how i dress in my actual people clothes. when the weather stops trying to kill me with its humidity and heat, i’ll get my act together.  for now, i’m happy to wear clothes i’m supposed to sweat in.

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