me, actually

i’ve never been a morning person.  i thought i would grow out of it, and eventually love waking up at dawn, chipper and ready to kick serious ass at 6am.  i’m almost forty years old, and i love sleeping in, so…nope–thats a negative, my friend. if left to design my own schedule, i would sleep in until noon, and i would eat breakfast for dinner. this isn’t to say that i haven’t tried waking up super early, and regularly.  when i first started running in 2013, i would run in the morning.  before i had coffee!  this baffles me.  if i remember correctly, it wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t awesome.  after logging in the miles over the last year or so, i’ve evolved into being more of a mid-day/night runner, and it suits me just fine.

i often bundle up and run home from work in the evenings.  the first part of the run is a westward mile across the dense, kinetic sidewalks of 26th street. i break my rules by making this mile the fastest one of the run, by dodging and darting around people, dogs, ice puddles, poop, and taxicabs.  it’s not the most graceful mile of the run, either. i look as though i’m hotfooting it across piles of garbage, my arms flapping like a chicken, but i like the challenge. i like to turn the street into an obstacle course that nobody knows they’re taking part in, except for me.


at the end of 26th street, the west side highway hums predictably with evening traffic.  here i can run easy because it’s just me and a few other runners and an occasional cyclist.

there’s two ways to deal with bad weather as a runner.  you either stay inside, or you lace up and do it.

when you do, you’re probably one of the only runners outside.  if you do see other runners while you’re out suffering the elements, you can take comfort in the fact that there’s other people that are just as batty as you are.  solidarity!


when you stay inside, there’s the internet and snacks.  you’re all alone.  also, there’s the sun that is shining through the window, tricking you into thinking that you should have gone outside.  the lackadaisical inert part of you (who forgets in the moment how ambitious you can be) thinks: who runs outside when it’s windy and cold with slush absolutely everywhere? 


well…that would be me, actually.

3 thoughts on “me, actually

  1. Loved reading this! When the weather is bad I often want to stay inside rather than slipping into my trainers and many layers, but when I do hit the pavement I feel so much better for it! Having said that, I still can’t wait for spring to arrive though – perfect running weather! :)

    1. aw, thanks! i agree–once you’re dressed and laced up, there’s no place to go but OUT! i’ll be in london this spring for a few days, right after i run the brooklyn half marathon. this’ll be my first visit! i’m about to check out your london favourites post. do you have any recommendations on some good running routes?

      1. How exciting! I don’t run in central London but we are lucky enough to have so many parks in the city that lots of runners use, plus you could run along the river. There are lots of free running clubs, like the one from the Nike shop in Covent Garden, that you could check out too! I’m sure there are lots of fun routes online :)

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