my name is tamara.  i’m a brooklyn-based runner and former slacker.  i’m approaching 40, which means i’m on the younger end of generation x. i grew up in the suburbs, listening to alternative music and hating jocks (they hated me, too).  i stayed inside for most of the 90s, eschewing sunlight and recreation for moping around and thinking “deeply” about things and stuff.

not long after i turned 37, i bought a pair of running shoes, quit drinking for a year, and tumbled out the door armed with determination and a playlist filled with songs by the pixies, sonic youth, and black flag to keep me going.  i kept going and going until i was able to face one of my biggest fears and sign up to run my first 5k race.  i currently run 3-5 days a week with cross training in between.

the playlists have changed over time as have my body and general attitude toward physical fitness and the industry surrounding it. i still feel like an outsider from time to time, but that’s just a leftover vestige of years past.  i’m no longer the kid who voluntarily sat on benches, avoiding sweating at all cost.  nowadays i’m hauling ass and soaking through my running clothes like a lunatic.

below are a few bullet-pointed things about me you should know:

  • that’s me and my rescue dog, nico, up top.  she’s a pomeranian.
  • i’m a korean adoptee.
  • i’ve had many jobs. i’ve worked as a production designer in nyc, an advertising executive in new hampshire, a photography studio manager in brooklyn, and an art framer in los angeles.
  • in 2013, i took on an amazing opportunity to be the manager of customer support for a fitness company.
  • i’m not competitive.  it makes me itchy just thinking about racing other people in front of other people.  i still do it despite.  and keep signing up for more.  why, i don’t know.
  • outside of running, i like spin classes, barre, and weight training.
  • this is not a pop-fitness fitspo/thinspo/runspo website.
  • i’m not currently training for a marathon or triathalon (though i’m not saying “never”).
  • i graduated from a hippie ashram school and then went on to risd to study apparel design.
  • i have a 15-year-old son.
  • i have an awesome partner named todd.  he’s a runner, too.
  • i have a bunch of classic-style tattoos.  i plan on getting more.
  • i’ve lived in new york city full-time since 2008.
  • i run because i generally feel like a badass when i do.
  • yes, badass.
  • the word “ass” appears four times on this page.  spot the asses!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. How do I begin to – Thank You – for stopping over and following my humble blog-o-thing?!? I wish you the very best, not only today but well into the future. Be inspired and please take care.

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