stretch of imagination

since the snow storm, the face of city has taken on a sickly pallor–icy, salty, and peppered with mild disappointment.  because of my hip flexor strain, and because i prefer to run outside when the sidewalks are clear of bone-shattering obstacles, i’ve dialed it back and have been doing everything else but run outside.

i turned 39 last sunday.  that’s also a thing.  i’m not worried about aging.  i’m in the best shape of my life, and i’ve got many more years to run, jump and roll around the planet.  i mean, shit.  this amazing person is EIGHTY and runs a 2:13 PR in the half!

speaking of amazing people, every morning last week, on my walk up the avenue to grab the train to work, the same woman would run past me. on the very same block.  every. damn. day.  that’s commitment and consistency!  the look on her face is that of someone who is locked up tight in thought, yet in total control of her body.  i hope to get back to a regular routine soon, what with half marathon training starting in two weeks!  in the meantime, i’ll mind-high-five her the next time she zooms past me.

IMG_7659to cope with the winter doldrums, i’ve been looking up new recipes on the world wide web and surprising myself by cooking up some pretty amazing soups. i found this delicious, vegan coconut curry lentil soup recipe from vegangela.  this weekend, i’m going to make it again, but making a double batch for freezing as well as vegangela’s mushroom soup.

while my fourteen year-old son is not vegetarian, he loves these recipes (and every vegetarian and vegan meal i make at home).   i’m either lucky, or an extremely good home cook.  maybe both!


another doldrum-beating coping mechanism is to go to class.  barre burn class!  last night, some friends and i went to lindsay’s barre burn at equinox in soho, and then to temple bar for an end-of-work-week cocktail.  we call it Bar(re) Fridays™.


weekend workout plans: a short trot to the brooklyn bridge today and then a long, slow run on sunday through the park.  also on sunday i’m going to start a two-month yoga program  through dailyburn (where i work).  i was never into yoga.  maybe briohny will change my mind.  maybe you’ll see me pulling the pungu mayurasana pose like it’s NBD by the end of the year.  maybe not.  all i know is that i have the flexibility of a steel post and that’s going to change!  i’ll keep you…posted. har har.


nothing like a blizzard snow storm to slow this runner (who hates the treadmill) down.  it’s a good thing, though.  i’m keeping it easy, remember?  and easy it has been!

on saturday, todd and i went out for a 5k run around the hood.  i dialed it down this time, and lo! my hip was like, thanks, dude! i don’t feel a thing!  we did negative splits.  the last mile’s time ended up being what i would have normally run for the first mile.  not bad.  good job, us!

because of the snow storm, i’ve been working from home the past two days, watching the snow fall from the comfort of my dining room table.  oh boy, having that extra hour of sleep in the morning is awesome.  no commuting!  no having to pay attention to my appearance!  the only drawback?  looking down this afternoon at myself and realizing that i’ve been wearing sweatpants since saturday.  the same pair.  by night i looked pretty much the same, except i wasn’t at my dining room table, but on my couch across the room eating panic-pringles and sipping on fear-booze while watching movies.  j/k about the panic-food and fear-booze (kind of), but man did NYC go nuts on monday!

tomorrow’s a new day (and an opportunity to wear real pants and some kind of intentional hairstyle).  my dull of commute in the morning will be brightened by some of the songs i just added to my running playlist.

i’m stoked about this one, for sure:

i hadn’t heard this song in almost 20 years until a few nights ago.  i have to warn you though…only listen to this one track because the rest of the songs on this album reeks of 90s jam band.  that being said, this song really is lovely and reminds me of my junior year in high school (1993).  this was a time when jeans only had one cut/style.  this was a time when i tried (and failed) to hide my botched at-home nose piercing from my mom. this was a time when it seemed that my full-time job was to hide in my room, wear pajamas, stare out the window, and dream of leaving my small town for the city.

funny how things turn out.

a slow approach to 13.1


last week i did something pretty awesome–i registered for the brooklyn half marathon!  i wasn’t ready to do it last year (nor was it on my mind at the time) but now i’m ready.

running this half is almost a no-brainer because:

  • i live in brooklyn
  • i’ve been running longer distances in the past 6 months
  • i’ve got friends and todd running it with me!
  • the start of the race is less than a mile from my apartment so i can just roll out of bed and trot over to the starting line
  • prospect park is my regular jam (we get to complete the loop for the first part of the race)

the only obstacle in the way of finishing this race is the fact that my hip flexor has been bothering me.  i strained it while sprinting like a maniac on a treadmill before the holidays.  since then, the nagging pain in my left hip has been off and on.  if do any speed work, or start out with cold legs, after the third mile my hip will suddenly blurt out curmudgeonly obscenities like grandpa simpson.  i limped home on christmas day, guys.

friends have been urging me to slow-it-the-heck-down. i have a hard time doing that. every time i head out for a run, i tell myself that i’ll have a slow and steady one.  nope!  i find myself pushing low 8’s and 25 minute 5ks with my hip hurtling toward a real injury.  the struggle is real (within the struggle)!

invisible hip pain selfie

i assume that at this point, i just have to stay out of trouble until february 21st.  that’s around the time when i should be starting some kind of 12-week half marathon training program.  until then, i’ll be strength training (pilates, barre and weights) and running (short distances at a forced, cartoonishly slow pace).

i also have to pick an actual training program.  there’s so many!!  thanks to the internet, you can find at least 56,984 plans out there for novice runners, and at LEAST 54,092,009 plans for beginning runners.  once i find a plan, i’ll lock it in, but for now i’m going to ask around.

so…do you have any recommendations?

IMG_7596in the meantime, i’ll be eating delicious pizza and putting together a new playlist in preparation for the miles i’ll be logging in this spring.