when you’re sick

i’ve been propped up weekend at bernie’s-style by flu meds and gatorade since monday evening.  i fainted for the very first time in my life that night. i’d gotten up too quickly from the bed to get a glass of water in the kitchen, and apparently my fever broke at that that very same moment.  thankfully, todd woke up (from hearing the thud of my falling down) and picked me up off the floor right away and carried me back to bed.  i was a sweaty mess!  he made sure i was settled back to sleep after drinking plenty of water.  scary.

since then, i’ve lost a few pounds, several days of running, and my usual voracious appetite.  today, i’m feeling 75% back to health.  it’s an improvement, but not nearly where i need to be so that i can lace up and go running again.  and i’m bummed out about that!  like seriously bummed out, man.

one thing i’ve noticed this week is that i know my body’s rhythms more than i did before i started running.  on sunday, the day before i came down with the worst of my symptoms, i felt a slight soreness in my lower back while running through the park and thought, well…that’s weird.  in a way, i could feel my body boarding up in preparation for a hurricane.

the next morning, i took a running class with my coworkers in the village, and afterwards, i noticed that i couldn’t stand the taste of water.  i couldn’t even appreciate the delicious spread of goodies that my colleagues brought in for our friendsgiving feast.


i mean, come on!  it killed me to not be able to chow down along with everyone.  my stomach straight-up wouldn’t have it.

after we wrapped up our meal, the soreness and the nausea hit me hard, so i packed up and headed home at a snail’s pace.  not my usual jam, since i’m a fast walker and tend to zoom around people as i pass them on the sidewalk.  i was practically in tears by the time i got home.

i’m not going to lie.  i’m jealous of everyone who did their turkey trot races today.  i’m bitter about not having been able to run or workout since monday.  i’m annoyed that i can’t drink up or eat the way that i want to.  HULK MAD!  HULK SMASH THINGS!  HULK LAY DOWN UNDER THE COVERS, EAT CRACKERS AND SIP WATER!

the good news is that next week is a new week.  i’ll be out and about and feeling 100% by then, but for now i languish in my own anguish.  such is the life of an enthusiastic runner, no?

the long and short of it

the good news?  i’ve been adding more distance to my runs (8 miles in SF <–).

the bad news?  i’m not running as often as i want to lately (although my mileage per week remains the same).

this isn’t to say that i’ve been sitting on my tuchus.  i’ve been cross training, doing new kinds of workouts, and staying ahead of the daylight savings blues which is muy, muy, importante.  

here’s a rundown of my workouts this week:

on monday night, i hightailed on over to a 90’s music themed ride at peloton cycle with marion berrian roaman.   i always leave their studio a sweaty, exhilarated mess.  spin classes like these make me feel ready to take on the rest of the week!

on tuesday afternoon, i went to SLT in their flatiron location to take a complimentary group class.  also in attendance?  my awesome, fellow co-workers at dailyburn!  according to their site “…(SLT) is largely based on the holistic principles of Pilates, but also emphasizes the strength training and cardio elements not inherent to Pilates…”  and how!  my obliques have never felt so sore.  on wednesday, i was clutching my sides and hobbling around like james brown exiting stage left.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.56.16 AM

on wednesday night (the coldest night of the week, it turns out), i decided to run 4.5 miles after i got out of work.  oh boy, that was a mistake. there were NO OTHER RUNNERS on the west side highway, and the windchill was 23 degrees with the wind rushing at me at 25 mph. this coupled with feeling sore all over, my pace slowed down by 1-1.5 minutes per mile.  all i could think (bittersweetly) about was the writing on the wall at the SLT studio: better sore than sorry.  by the time i reached the brooklyn bridge/city hall train station at the end of my run, i’d broken up with running and made up with it a thousand times.  while on the crowded train ride home, my sinuses, traumatized by the cold, acted up like WOAH.  i snorted and slobbered helplessly within inches of visibly disgusted commuters.  should have gone to gym!

thursday morning, after waking up super early with a mild sinus medicine hangover, i zombie-commuted to equinox in soho to take a my first barre burn class with the talented lindsay brooke davis.  she is a wonderful instructor, and her class was just what i needed after that regrettable run the night before.  i danced ballet (and tap!) from ages 3-17, so the movements felt familiar and like home to me. now i’m not saying it was easy!  the class was challenging and made me sweat like crazy.  i’ll be back again.

today?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  i’m keeping my people clothes on!  no sweating, no nothing.  just resting up so i can go on a long run this weekend.  i’ve been trotting around in some new kicks these days which make my legs feel fantastic.  they’ve been great on short and fast runs, and even greater for those long and steady runs.  these brooks are my new jam!

next week? i’m looking forward to spending quality time with the ones i love.  good eats.  good workouts.  warmer weather.  can’t wait!

hey guys

so yeah.  i’ve been remiss in posting since september.  i wish i’d been able to push all the buttons and pull all the levers on this website over the last two months, but i was swallowed up by the cartoonishly large gullet that is the fall along with all of it’s weird complications. not to worry! i’m still running, sweating, and kicking some proverbial ass.

here’s a quick “best of” collage of some of my runs over the last few weeks:


as you can see, i’ve been running through brooklyn and manhattan and brooklyn and manhattan and brooklyn.  some short runs, although i’ve been slotting in long runs.  within these long runs, i’ve been doing lots of thinking and running.  running and thinking.  spin classes here and there.  thinking and running.  stuff and things.  things and stuff.  oy.  time to throw a wrench haphazzardly into the mix!

good news, though…today is a lovely day because i’m about to haul myself and a small fraction of my stuff over to the bay area via trains, planes and automobiles.  yeah, i know–i was JUST there! but this time i’m going to be chilling with the fine folks of userconf.  such luck!  i went solo to the last userconf earlier this year in chicago. i loved it so much that this time i’m bringing my customer support team with me!

aside from the perks of going to the disneyland of customer support for tech peeps,  my man (and running partner) is going to be in town as well!  he’s giving a talk about julius caesar and money at the “modern money: aesthetics after the gold standard” conference at berkeley!  it really is a 180 and a total departure from what i do, but i love this guy and am so proud of him.

also of note is that my newly minted and amazing colleague is running her own 100 miles in 30 days challenge, so i’ll be joining her for the last few miles of her endeavor over the golden gate bridge!  what an honor.

again, dear readers…i’m so sorry for the radio silence.  it’s time to turn the volume up, no?

my own steam

forgive the hyperbole, but the world is a much safer place because i run.  whenever i’m unmotivated/feel like crap/want to throw things, all i have to do is put on my running clothes and i’m halfway to feeling better.  then, once i’m hauling ass, i’ve pretty much quashed the urge to rage quit the world. the act of running is on my own steam, but i have to say that my running gear is what generally makes me feel all super-hero-y and prepared to face down the villain that is depression.  running is my way of stomping all over its face with my size seven shoes.

yesterday, i decided to wear my running gear to work.

photo 2 (13)

it made the commute easier to navigate.  getting to work during rush hour fills me with mild anxiety, so i love being able to boogie up and down train platform steps without being slowed down by cumbersome strappy sandals and a giant purse.  as a sweaty person, it also helps that i’m wearing sweat-appropriate clothes while sweating in the 80 degree heat of the subway stations.

i wore my new mizuno evo levitas shoes, and they felt fantastic on my feet. i spent the work day at my standing desk, and only sat down once for 30 minutes.

photo 3 (12)

my commute home was even more rad.  i didn’t plan on it, but somehow i managed to run the longest distance i’ve ever run in one workout.  my trusty legs carried me down the west side highway, across town, over the brooklyn bridge, through downtown brooklyn and over to crown heights.  if you had caught a glimpse of me while i dashed down the home stretch that is my block, you would have seen the goofiest, unsuperhero-y looking expression on my face.  i was finally home.  i had kicked ass.  i was happy.

never too much

for sunday’s long run, todd and i planned on running easy and far. also, there were a few key items we wanted to buy from ikea, so we decided to mash the two things we wanted to accomplish that day together.   after lacing up, we mapped out a route, and took off at a nice and slow pace.  i’ve been reading up on running longer distances at an easy pace without wanting to die, and what do you know?  shit works!  by the time we arrived, we felt ready to run MORE miles.  legs still fresh, yet minds were blown.

these are the kinds of runs where my running app can kiss my butt.  while generally helpful, those audible mile/pace updates have a tendency to wheedle and cajole me into running faster when i don’t necessarily need to.  now i’m not giving up speed, or the ambition to break a few PRs.  it’s just that long runs seemed really intimidating because, well…they’re long runs.  i hadn’t thought about the fact that i could slow it down and actually ENJOY them. 

photo 2 (7)

once we arrived in red hook, we picked a lovely spot to stop and stretch…in front of a long line of weary ikea shoppers waiting for the ferry.  oops.  i have this irrational-ish fear of looking like an obnoxious strechibitionist, so i did some half-assed, self conscious stretches while staring out over the water–sort of like how a cat does that faraway stare while using the litter box.  turns out that there isn’t an un-awkward way to stretch in front of other people.  i lose.

photo 1 (10)

but, the view was gorgeous!

it turns out that sunday night is the best night to shop ikea. no cart-crashing with other shoppers, no crying babies, no long lines!  we also found everything we were looking for and piled them into our cart, including baskets to put all of our stuff in.  when you grow up to become an adult with stuff, you realize that you can never have enough baskets to put your stuff in.  you can even put baskets inside of baskets to hold even smaller stuff.  basket inception!

photo 3 (3)

on monday, during my lunch hour, i took a peloton class and came back to stretch my soleus muscles while they were warm.  i realized in the middle of my stretch (at my standing desk next to the office gym) how lucky i am to work for a fitness company, and be able to do what i actually love, in the city that i love. also, it doesn’t hurt that the temps have gone below swamp-sweat conditions.  can’t get enough of it.  i feel like a whole other part of my wardrobe has opened up for me to use again.

i’m excited to push on through the rest of the week.  more runs, a PTA meeting at nolan’s new school, some core strength training, and books to finish/start reading.

i’ll close this post with one of my favorite fugazi tracks, which has somehow made its way onto both of my running playlists,  one can never have too much fugazi, i guess.

plans and things

i entered the workweek feeling refreshed from a long weekend of naps, good food (i made challah bread from scratch), and two rest days from running (saturday and sunday).  whenever i take more than a day off from running i get bummed out, but i know that rest days generally good for me.

coach jenny from runner’s world published this column that highlights the benefits of running less.  while i’m not training for a full marathon (and likely never will), jenny’s thoughts are on point:

As I coach aging runners, I focus their training based on how their bodies respond and handle the stress. In many cases, this means running fewer days per week. I also use this strategy for younger runners who are more prone to injury and burnout. We’re all different.

the runs i have been going on this week are gauged by how i’ve been feeling, rather than focusing on breaking PRs and running long distances.  mostly, i’ve been running easy.  this has all been in an effort to alleviate the soleus pain i have in both legs from overuse.  after 12 easy-ish miles this week, i’m happy to report that i’m feeling much better!  no more whining, no more limping!

below are just a few things that happened this week:

photo (23)

on tuesday found eight dollars in cash in an old jacket pocket at work!  this went toward a sofritas burrito bowl from chipotle.  unexpected money well spent.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 1.55.47 PM

i took some work colleagues to peloton fitness on wednesday morning.  i placed 4th!

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 2.29.50 PM

i was able to head out on thursday with the wonderful melissa of healthy happy broads to run down the west side highway before the start of the workday.

also on thursday, i scored pairs of reebok, mizuno, and newton running shoes, and i’m trying them out over the weekend.  the newton shoes are the ones i’m most stoked about.  i’m a forefoot runner, which means my heel doesn’t strike the ground while i run.  newtons are designed for this kind of running, so i’m hoping to see a difference in how i perform. i’m planning on getting a long-ish run in on sunday around brooklyn.

while i’m psyched to get out and about this weekend, i’m also slipping into a sort of nesting mode. chilly fall weather is months away (our AC is still on full-blast these days), but i’m already thinking about cooking soups, stews and casseroles in bulk.  sunday night is reserved for at least one of the three things i’m thinking about cooking up.  this kale and white bean stew looks to be the one (with vegetarian “sausage” of course).

next week, i’m going to check out equinox’s new program, precision running. all of this takes place on the treadmill, which i am loathe to run on when it’s perfectly nice outside.  but!  if i’m going to be spending time on the treadmills this winter during the crappy weather days, i’ve got to find ways to use them right.

today’s a rest day, so i’m going to channel all of the energy i have into cleaning the shit out of my apartment and rearranging ALL THE THINGS.  wish me luck.


looking ahead, kind of

while january is the beginning of the calendar year, i consider labor day weekend an unofficial kick-off to a brand new year.  i’m largely absorbing this year’s “new year” though my family since next week nolan starts his first day of high school, and todd begins a new semester of teaching.  i’m twitchy with anticipation!  after trudging through a particularly swampy summer, i’m looking forward to chilly weather, sweaters, and apple picking.  this is all very premature, of course.  nyc takes longer to transition into autumn weather than it does where i was raised up north.  getting all psyched up like this right now is like immediately biting into a sizzling slice of cheese pizza.  shit needs to cool down first!

photo 2 (6)
i’m already nostalgic about last week

northern california provided the perfect kind of weather for running last week–70 degrees, sunny, and almost no humidity.  i’m missing it already, but i can be patient.  nyc will dry off and cool down soon.

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