nothing like a blizzard snow storm to slow this runner (who hates the treadmill) down.  it’s a good thing, though.  i’m keeping it easy, remember?  and easy it has been!

on saturday, todd and i went out for a 5k run around the hood.  i dialed it down this time, and lo! my hip was like, thanks, dude! i don’t feel a thing!  we did negative splits.  the last mile’s time ended up being what i would have normally run for the first mile.  not bad.  good job, us!

because of the snow storm, i’ve been working from home the past two days, watching the snow fall from the comfort of my dining room table.  oh boy, having that extra hour of sleep in the morning is awesome.  no commuting!  no having to pay attention to my appearance!  the only drawback?  looking down this afternoon at myself and realizing that i’ve been wearing sweatpants since saturday.  the same pair.  by night i looked pretty much the same, except i wasn’t at my dining room table, but on my couch across the room eating panic-pringles and sipping on fear-booze while watching movies.  j/k about the panic-food and fear-booze (kind of), but man did NYC go nuts on monday!

tomorrow’s a new day (and an opportunity to wear real pants and some kind of intentional hairstyle).  my dull of commute in the morning will be brightened by some of the songs i just added to my running playlist.

i’m stoked about this one, for sure:

i hadn’t heard this song in almost 20 years until a few nights ago.  i have to warn you though…only listen to this one track because the rest of the songs on this album reeks of 90s jam band.  that being said, this song really is lovely and reminds me of my junior year in high school (1993).  this was a time when jeans only had one cut/style.  this was a time when i tried (and failed) to hide my botched at-home nose piercing from my mom. this was a time when it seemed that my full-time job was to hide in my room, wear pajamas, stare out the window, and dream of leaving my small town for the city.

funny how things turn out.

upstate of mind

photo (8)on friday evening, we arrived upstate!  after doing a week’s worth of grocery shopping and after unpacking the car, we reunited the dogs.

being a city dog, nico was psyched to roam off-leash.  BOOM!

the next morning, while drinking coffee, todd and i mapped out a four mile running route over in the beautiful riverside town of beacon. for the first half, there is a flat, clay covered path.  the second half of the route includes a one mile loop of a trail covered with roots, rocks, and mud.

while i love running the streets of nyc, i really enjoy the challenge that trail running provides. unfortunately, as a rookie, i accidentally wore my minimus shoes, but i was too stoked to be running in the woods to worry about being under-equipped. without the added support of trail running shoes, i rolled my ankle against a tree root and put my foot down on a few pointy rocks, but i ran the rest of the route just fine.  the good news is that my ankle is okay.

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analysis paralysis and why i hate(d) jocks

it took me months to finally find a name for this website, then a week to buy the URL, and then another week, it turns out, to finally publish my very first post.  analysis paralysis is what they call it.  so instead of carefully and painstakingly drafting out a perfect post, i’m going pluck one from the trap that is my mind, hoist it over the side of the boat and into the water, tethered to this lame mixed metaphor.

what you see here is a mildly embarrassing school portrait taken of me in 1991.



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