stretch of imagination

since the snow storm, the face of city has taken on a sickly pallor–icy, salty, and peppered with mild disappointment.  because of my hip flexor strain, and because i prefer to run outside when the sidewalks are clear of bone-shattering obstacles, i’ve dialed it back and have been doing everything else but run outside.

i turned 39 last sunday.  that’s also a thing.  i’m not worried about aging.  i’m in the best shape of my life, and i’ve got many more years to run, jump and roll around the planet.  i mean, shit.  this amazing person is EIGHTY and runs a 2:13 PR in the half!

speaking of amazing people, every morning last week, on my walk up the avenue to grab the train to work, the same woman would run past me. on the very same block.  every. damn. day.  that’s commitment and consistency!  the look on her face is that of someone who is locked up tight in thought, yet in total control of her body.  i hope to get back to a regular routine soon, what with half marathon training starting in two weeks!  in the meantime, i’ll mind-high-five her the next time she zooms past me.

IMG_7659to cope with the winter doldrums, i’ve been looking up new recipes on the world wide web and surprising myself by cooking up some pretty amazing soups. i found this delicious, vegan coconut curry lentil soup recipe from vegangela.  this weekend, i’m going to make it again, but making a double batch for freezing as well as vegangela’s mushroom soup.

while my fourteen year-old son is not vegetarian, he loves these recipes (and every vegetarian and vegan meal i make at home).   i’m either lucky, or an extremely good home cook.  maybe both!


another doldrum-beating coping mechanism is to go to class.  barre burn class!  last night, some friends and i went to lindsay’s barre burn at equinox in soho, and then to temple bar for an end-of-work-week cocktail.  we call it Bar(re) Fridays™.


weekend workout plans: a short trot to the brooklyn bridge today and then a long, slow run on sunday through the park.  also on sunday i’m going to start a two-month yoga program  through dailyburn (where i work).  i was never into yoga.  maybe briohny will change my mind.  maybe you’ll see me pulling the pungu mayurasana pose like it’s NBD by the end of the year.  maybe not.  all i know is that i have the flexibility of a steel post and that’s going to change!  i’ll keep you…posted. har har.