gots to boogie

36.53 miles down.  19 days to go.

we had a house guest over the weekend!  maxx, the dog made his way from the country down to brooklyn on friday for a few fun-filled nights.  we took him out on the town, let him smell all the smells, pee on fire hydrants, and bark at strangers. what a tourist!  i’ve been joking to todd about how maxx is going to go back upstate and dog-blog about his adventures in the big city. hopefully he’ll link to my blog. photo 1 (7) in addition to hanging out with these two clowns, todd and i ran together a few times, racking up the mileage for my 100 miles challenge.  on friday night, we planned on pacing ourselves for an easy run, but…nah.  when we reached the brooklyn bridge promenade, we looked and felt a little beat up.  that’s ok though.  it was really nice to see todd running that fast, and at a clip. he remained just two paces ahead of me for the most part, looking strong throughout.  you’d never guess that he started running three months ago! Continue reading “gots to boogie”

on motivation

29.57 miles down.  21 days to go.

i spent the last few days chipping away at my goal of running 20 miles this week, and i’m happy to say that i surpassed it by half a mile as of today.  the week isn’t over yet, so we’ll see if I can throw a few more on top of the pile before the end of today.

while the 100 miles challenge has generally been a great motivator, i have to admit that i acted like a total baby about it this past thursday.  i wandered aimlessly around the apartment that evening, firmly committed to keeping my people clothes on for as long as possible.  my calves were buzzing with soreness from wednesday’s spin class and 4+ mile run, and i was feeling moody. my lack of motivation spiraled into dangerous territory, turning me into a world-class rationalizer.  i did some simple math and realized that i would have to double up on some miles over the weekend if i were to skip out on thursday’s run. no big deal, i thought.  i can totally do that..right?  but do i want to do that?  man, i don’t want to do that. ugh.  

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i’m a slackerrrrrr.

shuffling back and forth between two places (brooklyn and the verdant mountains upstate) over the last month has me living out of suitcases and bags, spending more time on buses and trains more than i’m used to.  although i love being in both places, this has blasted little jagged holes through my weekly routines.  because of this, i’ve been remiss in running every other day like i’m used to. i let three, then four, and then FIVE days pass between the days i would run. i became irritable. depressed.

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mea culpa

saturday’s short run ended up becoming a fantastic speed workout, which is good for solo runs, but not for runs you originally planned to be doing alongside your partner.  i’d like to apologize to both todd and his knees for being THAT running partner yesterday.

to preface, i love running with todd.  when we’re out and about together, it feels like we’re on an adventure, and since we’re both approaching forty, we have the added bonus of bonding over the little aches and pains accumulated from these excursions.

to back it up a little, prior to heading out on our saturday run, i switched up my usual shoes to my neglected pair of new balance minimus running shoes.  i hadn’t worn them since last fall because they were a little too minimal for me at the time.  i was particularly excited to go back to them after all of the training i’d done over the winter and spring to better condition my legs.  when we set off, i was feeling the perfect trifecta of adequate hydration, light legs, and pent up energy to burn.

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people clothes

yesterday’s run-commute to work ended up being my “hard run” of the week.  on a caffeinated whim, i decided to take the train to the entrance of the brooklyn bridge and then run over it into manhattan.  i hoofed it over the bridge, made good time on my splits, and generally felt awesome. after crossing the bottom of the island, i headed north on the riverside path that runs along the west side highway.

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a sunny saturday playlist

photo (2)
my finest handiwork as kept meticulously intact by my high school BFF for the last 21 years

on beautiful, sunny new england days, i could be found squirreled away in my bedroom with the shades drawn low. so low that you couldn’t tell if it were day or night.  and while the rest of humanity busied themselves with healthier hobbies, i sat on my bed for hours, obsessively manipulating piles of cassette tapes into pure art.  and really, the next best thing to getting the perfect combination of songs together was the making of the cover art.

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