the long and short of it

the good news?  i’ve been adding more distance to my runs (8 miles in SF <–).

the bad news?  i’m not running as often as i want to lately (although my mileage per week remains the same).

this isn’t to say that i’ve been sitting on my tuchus.  i’ve been cross training, doing new kinds of workouts, and staying ahead of the daylight savings blues which is muy, muy, importante.  

here’s a rundown of my workouts this week:

on monday night, i hightailed on over to a 90’s music themed ride at peloton cycle with marion berrian roaman.   i always leave their studio a sweaty, exhilarated mess.  spin classes like these make me feel ready to take on the rest of the week!

on tuesday afternoon, i went to SLT in their flatiron location to take a complimentary group class.  also in attendance?  my awesome, fellow co-workers at dailyburn!  according to their site “…(SLT) is largely based on the holistic principles of Pilates, but also emphasizes the strength training and cardio elements not inherent to Pilates…”  and how!  my obliques have never felt so sore.  on wednesday, i was clutching my sides and hobbling around like james brown exiting stage left.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.56.16 AM

on wednesday night (the coldest night of the week, it turns out), i decided to run 4.5 miles after i got out of work.  oh boy, that was a mistake. there were NO OTHER RUNNERS on the west side highway, and the windchill was 23 degrees with the wind rushing at me at 25 mph. this coupled with feeling sore all over, my pace slowed down by 1-1.5 minutes per mile.  all i could think (bittersweetly) about was the writing on the wall at the SLT studio: better sore than sorry.  by the time i reached the brooklyn bridge/city hall train station at the end of my run, i’d broken up with running and made up with it a thousand times.  while on the crowded train ride home, my sinuses, traumatized by the cold, acted up like WOAH.  i snorted and slobbered helplessly within inches of visibly disgusted commuters.  should have gone to gym!

thursday morning, after waking up super early with a mild sinus medicine hangover, i zombie-commuted to equinox in soho to take a my first barre burn class with the talented lindsay brooke davis.  she is a wonderful instructor, and her class was just what i needed after that regrettable run the night before.  i danced ballet (and tap!) from ages 3-17, so the movements felt familiar and like home to me. now i’m not saying it was easy!  the class was challenging and made me sweat like crazy.  i’ll be back again.

today?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  i’m keeping my people clothes on!  no sweating, no nothing.  just resting up so i can go on a long run this weekend.  i’ve been trotting around in some new kicks these days which make my legs feel fantastic.  they’ve been great on short and fast runs, and even greater for those long and steady runs.  these brooks are my new jam!

next week? i’m looking forward to spending quality time with the ones i love.  good eats.  good workouts.  warmer weather.  can’t wait!

gots to boogie

36.53 miles down.  19 days to go.

we had a house guest over the weekend!  maxx, the dog made his way from the country down to brooklyn on friday for a few fun-filled nights.  we took him out on the town, let him smell all the smells, pee on fire hydrants, and bark at strangers. what a tourist!  i’ve been joking to todd about how maxx is going to go back upstate and dog-blog about his adventures in the big city. hopefully he’ll link to my blog. photo 1 (7) in addition to hanging out with these two clowns, todd and i ran together a few times, racking up the mileage for my 100 miles challenge.  on friday night, we planned on pacing ourselves for an easy run, but…nah.  when we reached the brooklyn bridge promenade, we looked and felt a little beat up.  that’s ok though.  it was really nice to see todd running that fast, and at a clip. he remained just two paces ahead of me for the most part, looking strong throughout.  you’d never guess that he started running three months ago! Continue reading “gots to boogie”

weekend offloading

13.12 miles down, 26 days to go.

after i decided to opt out of potential thunderstorms in central park on saturday, i plotted out a replacement run around the perimeter of nearby prospect park. i started out minding my speed, picked up my pace for the third mile, and then suffered a bit from heat exhaustion at mile four.  i got the shivers!  in eighty degree heat! my running app plotzed (because, human error) and i had to restart it once i realized it had gone silent on me.  i took the last mile to cool down (which i rarely do).  after pratfalling through the door of my apartment, i mentally high-fived myself over those hard-won five-plus miles.  

photo (18)
nico swoops in to lick my swampy-sweaty face while i stretch, post run on sunday.

sunday’s run had me slapping the pavement around fort greene park with my new balance trail runners.  they feel great both on the trails on the road, but i’ve been wearing them exclusively these past two weeks, and i’ve got to switch them out for another pair of shoes to keep the risk of injury down.  i have a pair in mind, ones that have been slowly disguising themselves with little dust bunny beards under my bureau.  anyway, the run itself was way, way better than sunday’s run.  i managed to do the following:

  • craftily avoided a collision with an equally petrified oncoming runner as we both squeezed past each other through a crowd of tourists
  • spit on the sidewalk several times without accidentally spitting on myself–a very practical runner’s skill
  • hit a lucky streak of running with the traffic lights so that i didn’t have to stop at every crosswalk
  • hit an unfortunate unlucky streak of running with the traffic lights so that i didn’t have to stop at every crosswalk
  • beat my 1K PR–five minutes!

oh!  and yesterday, i made this handy-dandy spreadsheet to track my mileage for my 100 miles in 30 days caper. this is a great way to see it all laid out.

it’s monday, and it looks like i have a busy work week ahead of me.  i’m hoping i can get about twenty-ish miles in by next sunday.  in addition, i have a spin class at peloton in chelsea, a conor oberst/dawes concert in central park on tuesday, and sleep…i think getting those miles in by week’s end should be doable, if not an eyebrow knotting game of schedule-tetris.


after having spent the week upstate and in rural new jersey i returned to the city on monday morning feeling a little out of step.

photo (10)

although i haven’t run since last saturday’s trail run, i have been staying fairly active.

on monday i struggled through an intense workout that involved lifting medicine balls and doing a billion squats with my colleagues in the office gym.  while everyone else seemed to perspire in a normal fashion, i was a sputtering, sweaty mess. since then, i’ve been kick-stumbling down the stairs like C3PO.

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